Global is at the forefront of surface mining in Australia and continues to be one of the most innovative contributors to the development of surface mining operations in the region, and worldwide. Among these innovations include:

  • Development of our Surface Miner Training Program
  • Drum wear protection
  • Modifications to the Surface Miners
  • Strengthening packages
  • Alterations in the design of cutting tools
  • Chassis upgrades to make them stronger and more reliable
  • Cooler pack & hydraulic modifications to improve performance, life and serviceability
  • ROPS, FOPS and framework designs to improve mobilisation speed and reduce transport costs
  • Ongoing dust control modifications

Surface Miner Training Program

One key difference in Global’s approach has been the development of the only nationally accredited Surface Mining Operator Training program. The program ensures our personnel are well educated in safe working and productive operational methods, as well as the “smart techniques”, which ensures these key plant items maintain productivity without unnecessary delay. Global is aligned with an RTO for the Conduct Surface Miner Operations Certificate, to ensure quality of both training and assessment.

Cutting Tools

After Global completed its initial trials a number of opportunities were identified with the issue of wear on cutting tools. Extensive research and development by Global, in conjunction with tool manufacturers worldwide, have now managed to more than double the lifespan of surface mining cutting tools, while reducing the cost.

Drum Wear Protection

Here at Global we work with all aspects of wear protection from the design of the GET’s to the wear packages on the milling drums, end walls & gearboxes. We specialise in meeting & exceeding customer expectations, with rebuilds and expected life of our carefully selected hard facing products & techniques; such as wear plates, hard facing wire & the PTA welding process.

Gamma Detection Technology

Global Civil and Mining are continually developing new technology, helping to deliver lower mining costs, and increase productivity. GCM have developed the DGCS system to determine material properties through passive detection of naturally occurring gamma levels on the fly. In conjunction with Surface Mining equipment, this system is able to accurately follow seam contours to efficiently remove coal without contamination from partings material, to produce a higher-quality, bypass-candidate product. This technology allows us to recover previously uneconomical coal seams, and has the potential to create a bypass quality product with no additional infrastructure.