Global Civil and Mining has been a pioneer in successfully implementing surface mining technology into Australian projects, providing excellent results in comparison to traditional mining methods.

Our fleet of surface miners can cut, crush and load material in a single pass, eliminating the need for drill and blast, and primary crushing. This method reduces capital expenditure requirements and operating costs by reducing the number of machines and personnel required onsite. We provide a range of ancillary equipment, experienced staff and mine planning resources to provide a stand-alone service to resource owners and mining contractors anywhere in the world.

Global has maximised value and recovery for many clients in a range of materials such as: Iron Ore, Coal, Uranium, Limestone, Bauxite, Laterite, Salt, Nickel.

Surface Miner Benefits

Selective Mining

Mining materials with Surface Miners allows for a highly selective process, with individual layers or grades of the resource able to be extracted cleanly and in separate operations. This makes it possible to mine thin seams such as coal, or separate high- and low-grade pockets of ore that would otherwise be uneconomical or heavily diluted with drill and blast methods.

Many Machines in One

One surface miner can replace a number of machines onsite; from drilling and blasting, to loading the haul fleet, and primary crushing. This low capital option is perfectly suited to feasibility trials, fast Greenfields start-ups, additional bypass product, or cost-reduction drives.

A Wide Range of Applications

Surface Miners are not limited to the pit. Their mobile design and flexibility allow for a huge range of supporting roles. From Haul Road construction and maintenance to pad-levelling, drainage construction or even costeans for exploratory sampling and pre-strip operations.

Efficient Pre-Stripping Works

The design of a Surface Miner makes it perfectly suited for top-soil and sub-soil removal during early pre-strip works. The stability of the machines, and their ability to remove materials in a pass at any depth up to 500mm allows for accurate reclamation and separation of the rich soils essential for successful rehabilitation works. The cutting process of the machine also serves to level the ground, ideal for trucks to run on, and for commencement of mining works with Surface Miners or any other equipment.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to the rehabilitation benefits, a Surface Miner has a far lower impact on the surrounding environment. Replacing a number of machines with a single unit not only reduces fuel cost and consumption, but lowers both air, dust and noise pollution. In areas where blasting is not an option, the machines provide a productive and efficient alternative that can dramatically change the viability of a project. A lower vibration impact lets the machines work alongside existing infrastructure, or in Reserves or Populated areas otherwise inaccessible.