AARR New England Highway

Client: Accurate Asphalt and Road Repairs (AARR) | Location: Kankool, New South Wales
Global Civil and Mining took part in an unprecedented project along the New England Hwy at the Kankool Weighbridge, New South Wales. The combination of cement pre-stabilised pavement, thick bitumen to 200mm, and bluestone road base in the highway created a challenge for typical stabilisation equipment requiring multiple passes, a time-intensive approach with heavy tool wear

Global Civil and Mining provided Accurate Asphalt and Road Repairs (AARR) with a 2500SM Surface Miner, easily lifting and crushing the road in a single pass. This enabled AARR to proceed immediately to the mixing phase, and resulted in an on-time finish despite a 5-day delay in starting the project due to heavy storms and rainfall.